torsdag 20 november 2008

People who don't know their facts

A few days since I last blogged. This won't be as weird as the previous things I've posted here. Lots to do in school these days and I'm working on a short story (which recently hit EE length, so, well, it's developing into something not all that short) which is where my stream of consciouness ends up now, instead of on this blog.

Anyhow, since I don't have much sensible to post, I'm going to share an extremely weird website I found the other day with you. (
This page is about schizophrenia and it's created by some fundamentalist people who don't seem to know their own religion all that well, nor schizophrenia, I might add. Here are some of my favorites:

"Schizophrenia can be demonically inherited. Notice I said demonically. By that I mean it is not in the blood system, not in the genes - it is in the demons! This is what we call familiar spirits. They are familiar with your family."
There's really not a lot ot say about this, these people are absurd.

"When a schizo explodes, he opens the door to bitterness. Demons will convince him that it is all the other person's fault. Have you ever seen someone that can not accept blame for anything that is their fault?"
1) Explodes? As in spontaneous self-combustion? AWESOME!
2) Not accepting the blame for something you've done? The way they put it, I think rather than being a symptom of schizophrena I'd call that a symptom of being human.

"The disturbance and disintegration of personality known as schizophrenia or dementia praecox is frequently encountered by the deliverance minister."
"dementia praecox", now I think this is their way of trying to sound reliable because they use nice words, but really, schizophrenia hasn't been known as dementia praecox since the late 19th century. Then again, their agenda seems to be even older, so whatever.

"Through the revelation the Lord showed how the thumbs represent the Paranoid phase of schizophrenia. [...]
The revelation portrayed in the fingers and thumbs has proved to be infallible, as judged by numerous ministries with schizophrenics. There is no flaw in it."

Sure you weren't a bit delusional yourself when you saw this? Geez. I believe in God, in prayer and all of that and this doesn't sound anything like... well, like anything connected to Christianity the way I know it.

"2. Gen. 3:1 A master strategy initiated in the Garden of Eden. Eve was the first schizophrenic. The Devil tempted her to doubt God's Word, His Love and His Goodness."
I interpret the snake as a metaphor, not as Eve hearing voices, thank you very much.

Some people just don't get it right.

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