tisdag 4 november 2008

Title... hah, I wish

Now it works. I made it. I made it work. A small battle won against school books, the big pile. A lot of things have been piling up lately. Books and emotions. There are a lot of emotions in books too. Reading is good. Keeps the mind off of other emotions. The mind tends to wander otherwise, go to dangerous places. The dark parts of the mind, where it gets lost in itself. No mind map is adequate, no biological markers have been identified for the inner feelings, for the thoughts.
But I think we’re glad to have that mystique added to our lives, the potential in the unknown, the whatever-is-in-the-dark. The unknown doesn’t have to frighten us, it won’t go away just because we want it to, it’s not a bad dream; it’s most of reality. We really don’t know that much after all, I think we like it because that means there’s more to explore.

Going unknown places, figuratively as well as literally, is educational, shows us other parts of reality so they can cease being unknown. I get this image in my head, a circle with knowledge in the middle and unknown outside; the more we learn, the more we see that we don’t know. A greater perimeter of unknown. Expanding the fields of ignorance, was that what that quote said? Cultivating ignorance at the borders of knowledge, the antonym of education really, two sides of the same coin, walking hand in hand.

It can be hard to walk hand in hand, reaching out your hand, whether it’s to grasp the formerly mentioned school books at a fruitful yet feeble attempt at learning (or was it only to keep them from falling?), or to reach out and help someone else. But that’s a whole other matter, for another time of meandering thoughts on a winding, unknown road. Who knows where they’ll end up next time they start escaping away like this, down the road of escapism. Though, why do I post it? It lacks a framework, among other things.

Edit: this is what too much reading of Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" will do to your head. I promise, I'll write coherently again some time soon.

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Meng sa...

Definitely recognise the Margaret Atwood in this.. And that's a good thing :) Du är bra på att skriva!

Alex sa...

tack =) så det var inte bara flummigt? ;P