tisdag 11 november 2008

The last two weeks

Now, pictures up on the computer, time for some random moments.
Oreo-eating at X-files marathon with Mango & Lol, time for it again on Thursday, yeaaah, I love our nerdiness ;)
Ryggympa, hahaha, oh my gosh, very hard to stay serious, especially after "Så det där med att höja pulsen, innebär det att höja pulsen eller ungefär väck Ingvar 90?"
Ryggympa is a joke anyhow, but Gerda is good though.

And now, some reason to love biology HL:

Tin foil hat!

Meng and Linus' birthday cake. Very funny evening...!
That was all for tonight folks, but I found some hilarious Christmas pictures on mom's computer tonight (mom and I were laughing so hard that we were crying) that I'm going to steal soon, yeees.

4 kommentarer:

Meng sa...

I'm scared of myself D:

Alex sa...

It's okay, I love you! ;)

Effigy sa...

Waking Ingvar, 90, not Stefan. ;)

Alex sa...

couldn't remember,but I fixed it now, happy? =P